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With a quick and isolated act of bravery, Ajani begins his journey in reaching a level of prominence not seen since the revered founder of his hometown. And the more famous and powerful he becomes, the more he polarizes his fellow citizens. To some, Ajani is the great beast slayer, a young man with unparalleled strength and intelligence, and who seems prepared to guide the small kingdom of Itoro through an increasingly warlike era. To others, Ajani is an egomaniac, a young man whose rise feels so sudden and scary, and who has virtually no regard for neither the longstanding customs of peace and diplomacy that defines the existence of Itoro, nor the kingdom’s founder.

A 15th-century West African action-and-adventure novel set in
Yorubaland (now southwestern Nigeria), No Place for Another Hero is the story of a young man caught between the sturdy pillars of tradition and the powerful winds of change. Will he stay rooted, or will he be swept away?